Surveillance is becoming an increasingly important component in security systems both corporate and private. Since the inception of affordable, practical cameras for application in surveillance, businesses have seen a marked drop in shoplifting, vandalism and other such misconduct.

A Surveillance Camera System can do the same for home safety. Many homeowners have experienced vandalism and theft in their homes. Wished they had a candid camera so they could look back in time and see just who the guilty party was. A surveillance camera system can accommodate just that.


Night Owl iGEN 20/20 DayNight Vision Monocular (3x)
Night Owl iGEN 20/20
Day/Night Vision Monocular (3x)

4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 30+ customer reviews)

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Law enforcement in many countries has also realized the value of a well-placed Surveillance Camera System.

The “iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular”, is more than just a night vision viewer and by far surpasses the previous Gen 2 and Gen 3 devices.

It is a highly sophisticated monocular with 3x magnification and proprietary iGEN technology that allows you to experience the future of night vision.

Featuring light amplification adjustable from 300x to 10,000x, a variable frame rate, and 3 modes of infrared intelligence, the Night Owl iGen has enhanced infrared sensitivity.

It doubles the sensitivity of intensifier tube technology and video composite output allows for direct recording to external device with use of a composite video cable.

The streets of downtown areas in many larger towns and major cities are readily equipped with a surveillance camera system called CCTV, which has thwarted many attempts at assault and other unsavory activities in recent times.

Many ATMs, vending systems and other commerce machinery are also protected by a reliable surveillance camera system, both for the safety of customers and the equipment itself. Many of these devices have been protected from destruction and vandalism in recent time by the presence of this surveillance camera system. It has also saved the lives of many ATM patrons as well.

Night vision it is a great feature. If you install motion lights is your property, it may be set on the ‘dusk till dawn’ and it greatly enhances the night vision ability of the cameras. it is very easy to config, even for anyone with basic tech skills. The menus and watching videos are much easier than others similar devices available in today’s market.


Lorex Wireless Video Monitoring System (LW292)

Lorex Wireless Video Monitoring System
2 Cameras (LW292) expandable up to 4

3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 155+ customer reviews)

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A Surveillance Camera System protects a home or business in more ways than one. Not only does a surveillance camera system allow the home or business owner to identify transgressors, but it is also an effective deterrent.

The compact all-in-one solution, Lorex Wireless Video Monitoring System, comes with 2 Cameras (LW292) and is expandable up to 4 cameras.

Connecting the “System monitor” to one computer, you can view it from anywhere in the world using Skype. With no need for video extension cables, and an inexpensive installation, you can place the “Wireless cameras” indoors or outdoors.

When people are made to be aware of the presence of a surveillance camera system, they are more likely to be on their best behavior, and not try anything stupid in the first place.

This is obvious by the prevalence of signs in businesses and homes declaring that all people on the premises are being monitored by a surveillance camera system.

Recent times have shown that this technology is also excellent for deterring hired help and childcare providers from stepping out of bounds when the homeowner is not present. It is unfortunate that these concerns need be considered, but the fact remains that a surveillance camera system is necessary in this situation.

Business owners also benefit from this deterrent, as it prevents an age-old problem with employees. When employees know they are being monitored, they are less likely to steal products or money from their employers. They are also more likely to focus on their work and not goof off when they know they are being watched.


Swann SWDVK-825508 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder with Smartphone Viewing and 8 x PRO-550 Cameras
Swann 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder
+ 8 Cameras (SWDVK-825508)
+ Smartphone Viewing

4 out of 5 stars (based on 300 customer reviews)

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There are many models and designs of surveillance camera system, so finding a model that is right for one’s business or home is not difficult, nor is it difficult to find one that has the right price.

The Swann SWDVK-825508 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder with Smartphone Viewing, includes 8 all-weather, high-resolution 420TVL cameras with powerful night vision up to 50ft / 15m.

Wherever you go, you can have a “Remote live viewing” in the palm of your hand, with 3G/4G enabled Smartphones like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6, etc.

This decent surveillance camera system is not expensive, nor is it difficult to install. The cameras are getting smaller and better, of the higher caliber in their size each and every year.

In this modern, troubled era is far “more expensive”, to not have a reliable surveillance camera system in one’s home or business than it is to pay the one-time cost of acquiring one. It would be foolish to turn down the peace of mind and guaranteed consequences to transgressors which this technology readily provides.