Wireless Digital Security System are much more convenient than the traditional wired cameras. They can be installed indoors or outdoors. Lorex is the largest and the best sole provider of wireless camera system in the entire industry.

Lorex Wireless Digital Security System cameras with their high gain antennas provide an outdoor range of up to 450FT. They are known for their accurate color reproduction in wavering lighting conditions because of which you can view great pictures during day and night both.

This system has a nifty little remote that will allow you to select motion record or continuous record, with all of the useful functions commands, making it handy. You can have a complete digital wireless video surveillance system up and running in minutes.

View live video from your wireless cameras on the 9-inch LCD display, and record video directly to an SD card (2GB SD card included) providing you with both viewing and recording in an attractive, compact design.

Wireless Digital Security System

The maim technical details of Lorex

  • It is equipped with a 9- inch LCD with a built in wireless receiver and recorder of a maximum size of 16 GB SD card.
  • The ultra-digital wireless technology results in a top quality audio and video.
  • The camera system starts recording when any motion is detected and has VGA or QVGA resolution.
  • It also has a manual start/stop feature and daily record schedule option.
  • The date stamped recording enables the user to quickly search up any event he requires.

Why should you invest in one?

Lorex Wireless Digital Security System award winning night vision camera is easy to use, easy to install and is excellent, performance wise, for use in your home or for your small business.

It just takes a couple of minutes to set up and get started with your digital wireless video surveillance system. All you have to do is mount your camera, connect it with power and switch on the LCD receiver. I t can be mounted on a wall, placed on a desk or installed under a counter.

Provided with digital wireless technology, the Wireless Digital Security System is safe, 100% free of interference of any kind and can be expanded by adding two more additional cameras. Included in the system is an intercom for the purpose of two way communication between the LCD monitor and the camera.

Motions are detected through PIR motion detection which is passive infrared. When heat sources are moving such as people, animals or vehicles, the motion triggers the camera nearby.

Lorex Wireless Digital Security System

Its built in surveillance recording is one of its own kind, offering SD card based recording which records single audio and video directly on the card. Viewing and managing recorded files is easy as there are on screen icons which signal you the new files on the SD card or when the SD card is full.

Another added feature is the friendly and intuitive graphical user interface which makes it easy to navigate and control by using the remote control provided. Hence, viewing, recording and playing back is now available at the touch of a single button.

Lorex Wireless Video Monitoring System LW292
(Newest Version)
9 – inch LCD monitor
2 Wireless cameras expandable up to 4
(2GB SD card included)

3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 155+ customer reviews)

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The intercom enables you to speak to and the camera installed above the entrance lets you see whoever is calling without having to get up to open the door. There is also a built in microphone and speaker in the camera.

This system contains unique digital frame simulation. While in its screen saver mode, the LCD screen displays the preloaded images. The system starts recording as soon as it detects any motion and displays live video from the camera which that was triggered.

To conclude, if you’re really looking for an efficient night vision Wireless Digital Security System which gives high performance and is a good buy. The Lorex’s Wireless Digital Security System night vision camera, is one surely to go for!