To Protect What Matters Most To You…

The Night Owl O-885 Night Vision 8-Camera Security Kit empowers you to be completely aware of what is happening around your home, office or other location. It provides eight night vision cameras in addition to a 500 Giga Byte hard drive so that you can store as much recorded clips as you need for your safety.

This security system is also remotely accessible in not only Mac but also Windows operating systems. This Night Owl O-885 Night Vision 8-Camera Security Kit can record excellent quality videos with a range of 30 feet. Most importantly the distance is covered even in the dark.

On top of this, it assures accessibility for the Smartphones too. If you are using a BlackBerry or an iPhone then you can quite easily access its DVR. By this way every single moment is viewable in your smartphone.

This is truly a Do-it-Yourself security system. The system is packed with features like motion activated recording, real time email alerts, digital watermarking of recorded files, USB backup, D1 recording and a simple point and click interface.

Why Would You Buy It?

The Night Owl O-885 Night Vision 8-Camera Security Kit has 8 night vision cameras which have the capabilities to record up to 30 feet even in the complete darkness. It is a unique feature comparing other security systems in the market.

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It has pre-installed 500 GB large capacity hard disk which provides a huge storage for the recorded videos. It ensures 24/7 video surveillance as you can view the surveillance video anywhere with the help of Safari 5.0 or above in Mac or Internet Explorer in Windows operating system.

With this Night Vision Security Camera Kit you can have motion activated recording, email alerts and you will be able to monitor your property day or night which will give you complete peace of mind.

What Are The Main Features Of Night Owl O-885 Night Vision 8-Camera Security Kit?

  • It has 8-channel H.264 smart DVR.
  • It provides 24/7 technical phone support.
  • It is Windows as well as Mac compatible.
  • The recordings are viewable from anywhere in this world via Safari 5.0 and Internet Explorer.
  • It is viewable on the 3G or 4G smart phones as well as android phones.
  • It provides D1 recording.
  • For official use it has digital watermarking for video time and stamped date facilities.
  • The system can playback all channels immediately.
  • It has motion activated recording and email alerts.
  • It prides with the simple user friendly interface and the system includes a USB mouse to make this easier to the users.
  • It provides USB backup.

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You can also connect the system directly to your TV or Monitor. It provides night vision facility for up to 30 feet of distance. You do not have to pay any monthly fees for technical support.

What’s Included With The Night Owl O-885 8-Camera Security Kit?

  • Eight Night Vision Cameras
  • One Eight-Channel H.264 DVR Along with 500GB Pre-installed HD
  • One 6 Feet BNC To RCA Cable That Is Used to Connect to your TV
  • One 6 Feet Ethernet Cable That Can Connect to your Router
  • One Remote Control Which Is Equipped With Batteries
  • One Night Owl O-885 Night Vision 8-Camera Security Sticker
  • One DC 12V, 3A DVR And One DC 12V Camera Power Adapter
  • Eight 60 feet BNC Cables For The Cameras
  • One InstallerNet Installation Card
  • Eight Mounting Hardware
  • Night Owl O-885 Night Vision 8-Camera Security Kit

    Night Owl O-885 Night Vision
    8-Camera Security Kit.

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  • Two 4 Way Power Splitter
  • Eight Metal Stands
  • One Mouse
  • One User Manual
  • One Quick Setup Guide
  • One Software CD
  • And 24/7 Technical Support

So with this Security Camera Kit, you can easily protect what matters most to you. It provides around the clock video surveillance for your office and home.

With its 500 GB pre-installed hard drive, this security system can give over one year of recording. You will have peace of mind with a dependable security system as soon as you buy and install the Night Owl O-885 Night Vision 8-Camera Security Kit.