The hi tech crystal clear Zmodo 8Channel DVR CCTV Security Camera System w/ 4 700TVL Hi-Resolution Night Vision Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Built-in IR-Cut NO Hard Drive is an awesome security system that has four night vision cameras and is capable of motion detection recording.

The system is routed through an advanced DVR (digital video camera) that can be accessed from a distance using a smartphone or a computer that is connected to the Internet. If you think all security systems are expensive and hard to install and configure, this one can make the difference.

Product Characteristics and Features

The smart digital video camera system with H.264 compression technology has four night vision cameras, indoor and outdoor, with sixty feet of cable for each of them. It can be accessed from the Internet, or through 3G with any smartphone or tablet that has one of these operating systems: Android, iOS, or Blackberry. A 500 GB hard disk is included, along with VGA video output, BNC TV monitor video output, backup through USB 2.0, network access, an easy to use point and click interface and 1TB Hard Drive.

700TVL Hi-Resolution Camera with built-in IR Cut

700TVL Hi-Resolution Camera (sample)

Imput Output backpanel conections

Imput Output backpanel conections (sample)










What People Say about the Security System?

Cameras can record images up to twenty or thirty feet away, which is not very bad. The night vision images are black and white. You can get snapshots directly to your email account. Some people say that the system can be great for keeping an eye on your yard or your parking lot. Others say that they could even succeed capturing orbs in an attempt to make their first paranormal investigation videos. At night, human shapes can be seen even at 300 yards and you can make the difference between trucks and cars.

Those who already got the product say that the camera detail is not the one of a high definition security system meant for commercial applications. But, the cameras can be great for home use, or for a small store or shop. Also, the cameras can be replaced if you are not satisfied with the detail.

After installation, you may have to play with different settings and see how the system actually works. You may also have to set the time and date, motion sensors, or the recording. These settings will surely not be an issue. At the price of this camera, many people can have too high expectations and this is the reason for which there are some minor complaints on the web.

Good reviews

-simple and easy to use interface.
-easy access remotely from smartphones and Internet.
-the possibility of backup.
-700TV-Lines High Resolution, 65ft Night vision cameras and motion detecting technology for better security.
-basic system with an easy setup (no IT knowledge required).
-affordable for any budget and the package is of massive value for its price.
-can be great for homeowners and small business owners.
-As it works of a 12Volts source (include), it can be also used at a rural site from a power supply of a small 12V wind turbine or an automotive battery.

-may be basic for those who want “Very High Quality and Detailed Images.”
-the manual is written in bad English.

Hi Tech Crystal Clear Zmodo
Security DVR Kit 700TVL Hi-Resolution Camera
Instand email alert
65ft automatic night vision
Metal housing cameras (indoors & outdoors use)


3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 341+ customer reviews)checkout with amazon

The hi tech crystal clear Zmodo 8Channel DVR CCTV Security Camera System w/ 1080p Full HD (Hi-Resolution) Night Vision Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Built-in IR-Cut NO Hard Drive, is meant for homeowners or small business owners who need a basic security camera system that is easy and fast to install or use, especially if they have installed IP cameras before.

Compared with PCI based devices that usually have instructions in Chinese, this system is much easier to understand and work with. The images are not very detailed, but enough for regular surveillance. Day view is awesome and night view is good. For the price, the security system is a great acquisition.