If you are currently considering purchasing the GoPro Hero3 HD Camera (Black Edition) then let us take you through the key features, benefits, customer feedback and everything else you need to know to make an informed decision in this detailed, definitive review.


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Perfect, If You’re Serious About High Quality HD Video! Right from the start, let’s make one thing clear: this is a serious camera for those looking to create crystal-clear HD quality videos that are extremely professional.

The Hero3: Black Edition Is The World’s Most Versatile Camera. Built-in Wi-fi, Gopro App Compatibility And The Included Wi-fi Remote (normally A Separate $79.99 Accessory) Make The Hero3: Black Edition All The More Versatile, Still. smaller, Lighter…better weighing In At A Scant 2.6 Ounces.

If you are just looking for a camera to occasionally use and upload the odd video to YouTube then this probably is not for you.

GoPro Hero3 HD Camera (Black Edition)

On the other hand, if you are in the market for a top-notch camera capable of capturing any event – whether it be fast-moving sports or nocturnal animals in dim lighting – then this is definitely the sort of ‘kit’ you should be looking for.

It captures 1080p at a slick 60 frames per second and even goes all the way up to 4000 Cinema quality at 15 frames for second, giving a nearly unparalleled range of recording options at this price range.

Advanced Settings Rarely Seen At This Price Point!

GoPro Hero3 HD Camera (Black Edition)Included with the GoPro Hero3 HD Camera (Black Edition) is a range of professional camera recording options that are rarely seen at this price.

These include full looping video, manual white balance control, continuous photo, and even an additional option which allows you to take photos while simultaneously recording video.

If you’ve come from a lower range camera the options for professionalism offered by this model will blow your mind and let you record things exactly the way in which you want to.

Lightweight And Extremely Portable!

GoPro Hero3 HD Camera (Black Edition)By definition, one of the main attractions of truly portable camera technology is the ability to conveniently take it with you anywhere so you can capture or record whenever and wherever you want.

Sadly, many cameras are still a little bulky and heavy and can be annoying to carry around. Here the GoPro Hero3 HD Camera (Black Edition) truly excels with it being far lighter and smaller than the previous models.

It is 30% smaller and fully 20% lighter than the Hero2 model, which was already extremely compact. It is a marvelous feat of engineering and the feeling of quality is very apparent when you hold it in your hand.

Built-In Wi-Fi Support For Previewing On Tablets!

GoPro Hero3 HD Camera (Black Edition)A neat inclusion sure to delight any serious videographer is the Wi-Fi functionality which allows you to connect the camera to portable devices, such as an iPad or iPhone running the GoPro App, in order to preview the footage.

By all accounts this works extremely smoothly, with only the occasional slight delay, and is very easy to get set-up and working well. The Wi-Fi Remote is waterproof, wearable and can control up to 50 Wi-Fi-enabled GoPros at a time from a range of 600′.

Don’t Worry About Problems Mentioned In Earlier Reviews!

All in all, the GoPro Hero3 HD Camera is a fantastic piece of technology which enables all serious videographers to record exactly how they want.

However, as you may have heard in older reviews, just after its release a few common problems were noted such as bugs and software issues.

+ Versatile shooting modes for pros
+ More detail in brightly-lit areas
+ Wi-Fi built in

3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 1005+ customer reviews)

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The good news is, with the latest firmware updates, these issues have all been resolved and the camera runs like a dream.

Simply put, at this price range, the GoPro Hero3 HD Camera is by far the best in its class.

Much better video quality then previous GoPro Hero’s, versatile, light, sleek and with a tremendous range of high-quality recording options.

Features like, Looping video, Continuous Photo, Manual White Balance control and Protune Mode, make it fantastic for all serious recorders, especially those involved with sports. Overall, highly recommended!